Three Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance

Three Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance

That dreaded moment when your parents say those four little but very impactful words, “We’re cutting you off.” For some those words mean just financially, no more allowances or using that sweet credit card. For others it means that and paying for your own insurance, including your car. Whether you are being cut off or looking for your own insurance for your car, there are some things you need to know like; what factors affect your car insurance (in Norwegian they call it bilforsikring). Here are three.

Your driving behavior and record

Car Insurance Remember those times when you thought you were a speed racer and decided to drive 90 in a 65? Well your insurance policy will remind you. Having those points on your driving record can result in higher rates. What’s worse is that it can take years for some of them to expire.

Driving for work or pleasure

The lesser you drive your car the better it may be for your insurance rates. Why, less time on the road and less risk of a car accident. So you may want to try taking the bus or carpooling. Not only will you save on your insurance, but we less cars on the road, you are helping save the environment.

Make, Model, and Color

The make, model, and color of your car are very important factors when insurance companies decide upon your rates. One of the things they look at is the statistics that haunt your car. So if your car is known to have a lot of mechanical issues or is not known to be a safe vehicle when it comes to accidents, you may want to rethink about purchasing certain vehicles.

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The color, believe it or not, can affect your rates also, especially the color red. Why? Red tends to be associated with flashy sports cars. What to people who typically own these cars do? They drive fast and reckless. So next time you go to a dealership or buy a cash car from someone, research the car, its history, its statistics, and the possible rates your insurance might give you.

Daihatsu Makassar – Of course there is more as to what can affect your insurance rates, such as marriage or driving education. These are just the basics, but they are highly important. The ideal client has a good driving record, spends reasonable amount of time on the road, and drives a safe and reliable car. If you have none or only can own up to some of these factors, don’t worry. As I said, there are a lot more factors that can affect your car insurance rates.

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