What Is The Best Life Insurance?

What Is The Best Life Insurance

Life Insurance Ratings

Many life insurance companies today accept ratings of A or higher. TheMire.net company with a AAA rating is considered the best by Standard and Poor and today’s customers. Experts advise looking only at companies rated A to AAA when purchasing life insurance. Each of the following has received a rating of A or better and high praise from customers.

CSI Life Insurance Co.

CSI Life Insurance Co. is a branch of Berkshire Hathaway. They specialize in life insurance policies for seniors. In 2009, they offered policies for as little as $30 a month, all with guaranteed acceptance. The guaranteed-acceptance plans do not require you to undergo a medical exam, providing you meet their age restrictions.

Fidelity Life

For more than 100 years, Fidelity Life has offered outstanding customer service and fast processing times. Unlike some companies that delay application approval for weeks, Fidelity Life offers approval in days. They sell individual policies and group policies for businesses and their employees.


Metlife offers term, survivorship, universal, variable and whole life insurance policies. Their rates are competitive and customer service is reliable. Their survivorship offering is a great way for a couple to purchase coverage for two people without doubling monthly premiums.

New York Life Insurance & Annuity Corporation

New York Life Insurance & Annuity Corporation launched in 1849. They’ve survived economic downturns and even today hold more than $280 billion in assets. The company offers life insurance policies throughout the world. They offer survivorship, term, whole, variable universal, universal, single premium and corporate life insurance plans.


Named Fortune Magazine’s four most admired company, Prudential is a forerunner in the world of life insurance. With more than 50 million satisfied customers, Prudential helps you meet your financial goals at a price that doesn’t drain your wallet. Prudential offers survivorship, universal, variable and term life insurance policies.

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State Farm

State Farm offers a range of insurance products including auto, home and life insurance policies. They offer policies for term, universal and whole life insurance. Founded in 1922, the company started out helping farmers find affordable insurance coverage. Since then, they pride themselves on offering policies that don’t bankrupt every day’s hardworking men and women.

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

In the 1950s, Transamerica, a popular bank, faced a dilemma. The federal government changed laws restricting banks from offering nonblank-related products. Transamerica opted to drop their banking products and focus solely on insurance products. Today, they offer survivorship, term, universal, variable universal and whole life insurance policies.

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