What is No Stank You?

No Stank You is a big, loud mob of people who think tobacco sucks more than, well, pretty much anything that sucks. We tell anyone who’ll listen about all the horrible, stanky, and deadly stuff tobacco does to your body. Oh yeah, we also give stuff away to our MOB members once in a while. You should join. It’ll be fun. Promise.

+How do I post a link to nostankyou.com on my personal site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Step 1: Look for the “share this” icon up at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 2: Move your mouse over the icon and choose the service you would like to share through.

Step 3: Complete the chosen service’s process for sharing content.

Step 4: Rejoice in the praise you’ll receive from your friends for letting them know about such a cool site.

+I registered for the MOB but I haven’t received my activation e-mail. What do I do?

If you have registered for the MOB but haven’t yet received your confirmation e-mail please check your junk mailbox first. Often our e-mail gets screened out and winds up as spam, even though it’s not. If you still don’t have an NSY confirmation in your e-mail’s junk mail then you can send a note to info@nostankyou.com. Please include your first and last name, and e-mail address. We’ll contact you with what to do next.

+Why must I be between 13 and 17 to join the MOB?

Good question. No Stank You was created especially for young people (sorry, grandpa and baby sis). And while we want everyone in the world to jump on the NSY train, sometimes we give stuff away (T-shirts, video games), so we have to make sure the prizes go to the people NSY was created for.
+What happened to the T-shirts?

Sad story. We straight up ran out of money and had to shut down the free T-shirt factory. We cried. Maybe someday we’ll be able to give out a bazillion free NSY tees again, but we don’t know when. Sorry y’all.

+What happened to my points?